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Welcome to Seapoole

We are the perfect manager and partner for our clients regarding all types of ship and crew services.We make sure everything always goes according to plan: it’s what we like to call “an A to Z service”. To be the first advisor for our clients, the one in whom they place all their trust, is our duty.

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Our Mission

Taking care of our clients is not only our duty, but also our commitment, therefore, our aim is to guide and advise our clients to achieve their goals in an effective, efficient and economical way. Our main goal is to meet our client needs, although we always exceed the expectations.

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Our Vision

In an increasingly fast-paced world, where timeliness and effectiveness are essential, teams with the necessary experience are needed to carry out operations. Our customers come to us to solve problems, but they stay because we never give it to them. That is why we train ourselves every day.



Through our knowledge and experience, we are committed to meeting our Customers’ expectations, delivering high-quality services.


We aim to be the customer’s first choice and preferred partner, that’s why became accessible and in continuous contact with our customers. Our communication is fast and easily accessible.


We stand for knowledge and good behaviour. Our timing and performance is our aim to guide and advise our clients to achieve their goals in the most cost-effective way


We are not satisfied with just meeting our customers' expectations, our greatest value is the way we strive to improve all our operations on a daily basis. We agree on the best way to proceed based on our experience and our clients' objectives.


Our sustainability policy is linked to our values as a company. In a world where large quantities of waste are generated, we know that our good work can make a difference in the future. That’s what drives us every day.


Our I+D department works every day to promote new ways of working with the premise of being more efficient, effective and sustainable in all our operations. We are fully committed to our environment.